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two anime characters one with white hair and the other black
#NO.6 NO.6 - 走のイラスト - pixiv
Shion and Nezumi | No.6
an anime character's hair styles are shown in different colors and hairstyles
fantasy draw
nezumi drawings - Pesquisa Google
a person sitting on the ground with a hood over their head
Shion - No.6
an anime character with white hair and brown eyes in front of a black background that says,
DeviantArt: More Like No.6 - Nezumi's Tears. by Kurohimex105
no. 6 anime | shion s confession anime no 6 by kurohimex105 manga anime digital ...
an anime scene with people standing around and looking at each other in the distance,
No. 6 ~~ The cast :: Nezumi, Shion, etc
some anime characters are talking to each other
No.6 Image by KL #1161324 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
he never gets a break
two anime characters, one with blonde hair and the other with blue eyes are facing each other
Parfois j'aime prétendre que je vais bien, parce que je ne veux pas ennuyer qui que ce soit avec mes problèmes. - Citation