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two texts are shown on the same page as one is written in another text box
Mr Johnson I got the security deposit its locked in a box in the bottom of my closet
an orange and white photo with the words when you have a problem, you come home
theme III by sibunas
two people are walking down the street with one person wearing shorts and an orange shirt
i gotta make my mama proud
two women hugging each other with a speech bubble above them that says, so ninja tell me about you're penny on all this is gone
i draw what i want
nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild BONUS:: nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob
a woman standing in front of a purple wall with the words breathe on it and an image of a neon sign above her
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Nina in the heights aesthetics ❭❭ part one of three
a collage of photos with various women in different outfits and the words van nessa garcia written on them
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Vanessa in the heights aesthetics ❭❭ part one of three
a man is doing tricks on his skateboard in front of a coffee shop and a sign that says coffee solves everything
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Usnavi in the heights aesthetics ❭❭ part one of three
a man in red shirt and white shirt with his hand out to someone on stage
a man in red shirt standing on top of a stage
an image of a woman touching another woman's face with the caption elo art why don't you tell me everything you know?
What do I know?
the text on the screen is clearly visible for us to see, and it's not clear
a man and woman standing next to each other on a balcony with brick walls in the background
Benny and Nina - In the Heights