Mandala jewelry inspiration

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a black and pink necklace with a flower on it next to a white rose ornament
Mandala Holz Kettenanhänger mit Kugelkette Amulett | Etsy
a black and white photo of a flower in the middle of a circular shape with four petals
Lesson 2: Sacred Geometry - The Genesis Pattern
This is the first official post of the Indigo School about sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is something we will never, ever stop talking about. It is referred to as the architecture of the Universe....
an abstract drawing with circles and dots in the center
Apollonian gasket - Wikipedia
ApollianGasketNested 2-20 - Apollonian gasket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a circular design with circles in the middle and one circle at the center, on a white background
Math Circles, CAPI ::: Circles , Artist Study Circles Resources for Art Students,at CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas at , Art School Portfolio Work, circles, circle, round, pattern
two earrings are sitting in front of a vase with flowers on the table next to it
CorrinaMarieCanning - Etsy
three key chains hanging on a wall with two different colored flowers painted on them, and one is attached to a hook
Meu porta-chaves aqui de casa (que também é mandalesco) com chaveirinhos de pontilhismo. Já são uma decoração e tanto, né? Um jeito fofo e fácil de dar cor ao ambiente. Pra encomendas, me manda uma mensagem! Gislene Giazzi (@gisgiazzimandalas) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram