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the cover letter for utopia competition
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an image of a night scene with the moon in the sky
Honorable mention Team: Jana Alaraj City: Vienna Country: Austria
an image of a man and woman in front of a full moon with the words virtual - tut on it
Honorable mention Team: Paolo Venturella City: Rome Country: Italy
an open book with images and text on the page, including pink paint splattered in
Honorable mention Team:Olga Khuraskina, Elena Mishchikhina City: Moscow Country: Russian Federation
an open box sitting on top of a river
Honorable mention Team: Rolando Volzone, Claudia Angela Palma Lo Bianco City: Lisboa Country: Portugal
an architectural brochure with images of buildings and people in the foreground, on a gray background
Honorable mention Team: Linda Lackner, Rebecca Merlic City: Vienna Country: Austria
the architecture of solitu - topia is featured in an article about what it's like to live
Honorable mention Team: Joe Roberts City: London Country: United Kingdom
an image of the inside of a book with information about water and other things in it
Honorable mention Team: Alicja Szczesniak, Klaudia Iwanowska, Hanna Olszowa, Agata Hinca City: Gdansk Country: Poland
an image of a woman sitting on a bed in the woods
3rd Place Team: Jacopo Nori, Andrea Manfredini City:Milano Country: Italy
an image of a space shuttle in the middle of some sort of landscape with information about it
2nd Place Team: Giulia Guglielmi Maes, Sidhant Choudhary City: Civitavecchia Country: Italy
two people standing next to each other in front of a tall pink structure with words on it
1st Place Team: Kyle Bigart City: Brooklyn Country: United States
the word utopia is written in black on a green and blue background with white clouds
24H competition 12th edition - UTOPIA - Competitions.archi
24H competition 12th edition – UTOPIA Competitions.archi
the word utopia is written in black on a green and blue background with white clouds
Architecture Lab
Call for submission - 24H COMPETITION 12th edition: utopia