Zombie tattoos

Express your love for horror with unique zombie tattoo designs. Explore a collection of creepy and captivating ideas to find the perfect undead artwork for your body.
Tattoo Sketches and Drawings | Zombie Tattoo design by Crash2014 on deviantART Incredible Tattoos, Zombie Tattoo, Zombie Drawings, Zombie Tattoos, Zombie Face, Tattoo Trend, Zombie Art, Tattoo Stencil Outline, Skulls Drawing

Zombie Tattoo design by Crash2014 on DeviantArt

Description A tattoo design for I thought about doing two different designs. This one and a lil' zombie just tugging up some skin to chew on. This one turned out nice and creepy! The other one just looked too "toony" and didn't look quite right I guess. Hope you guys like it, but remember...it might about to be on a certain guy's arm! Let me know what you think

Martin SFlake
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Mariyah Fournier