Writing fantasy novel

Unleash your imagination and embark on a thrilling adventure by writing your very own fantasy novel. Explore tips, tricks, and inspiration to create a spellbinding world that will captivate readers.
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The most important thing I’ve learned as a fantasy writer is to create a magic system for your fictional world that makes sense and is unique In today’s post, I’m sharing some questions you can ask yourself about creating a magic system for your fantasy world to help inspire your creative writing.

Andy B.
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Are you a fantasy writer or interested in writing fantasy yet are worried about how to go about it? After all, fantasy is a vast topic and can get overwhelming. Soon enough you might start comparing yourself to the authors who've made it big. You might even feel like you're taking ideas and not being original enough. I know I've been there, and have worked over my writing to a point where I no longer feel that way. As the creator of shape-shifting griffins with unique talents gifted by an…