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It’s interesting to browse real space images sourced by NASA, but the fictional concepts in the Space Art genre are really mind blowing. These artists produce extraordinary cosmic scenes featuring vibrant nebulas and gigantic planets. Today’s showcase features 25 great examples of inspiring space art concepts. Prepare to be awestruck as you travel through these […]

30 Artists From All Over The World Pay Respect To The Australian Bushfires With Beautiful Art | Bored Panda Metallica, Concept Art, Artists, Environmental Art, Art, The Wildlife, Fire Art, All Over The World, The World

As bushfires continue ravaging the vast territories of Australia, its devastating effects on the wildlife has inspired numerous artists to express their grief through their art. Illustrations, comics, and even food art are pouring in from all over the world, urging people to help fight the deadly flames and save the local animals.

shiyi zhang

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