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Explore the captivating world of woodblock printing and learn about its rich history and unique techniques. Find inspiration and ideas to create your own stunning woodblock prints.
"Bowing Flower" woodcut carving (Tugboat Printshop) Art Drawings, Hoa, Kunst, Bunga, Kayu, Ilustrasi, Resim, Bloemen, Sanat

Hello there! Been a while since my last post, life has been busy and full of change! I've decide to resume posting here & look forward to sharing what's been happening at the shop. To catch up on shop goings-on over the past few months I've been away, I have been posting pretty regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr! Some new prints there to see that I'll catch up with sharing eventually...and more to come! Give a follow on any of those platforms & stay up to date with…

Leah Glickman
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Chinese innovations in ink, block printing, and movable type fueled global advancements in printing technology, expanding the range of influence of the written word. These printing innovations can be attributed to Chinese Buddhist devotees, who embraced woodblock printing as an important vehicle to spread sutras and good spirits. Though the printing press is said to have been invented in China, it never offered the same efficiencies to Chinese culture as it did in the West, due to the near…

Panupam Ceepsm

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