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11 New Year’s Eve Party Trends That Will Excite You | Natural Wines & Bubbles Wines, Alcohol, Wine Wednesday, Tequila, Wine Tasting, Wine Bottle, Wine Delivery, Wine Bar, Wine Time

With the sparkly outfits, wild balloon installations, badass playlists and midnight kisses, it’s no wonder that New Year’s Eve is your favorite holiday to host. But before you break out the bubbly and start building your annual champagne tower, we’ve spotted a few big trends and we’re sharing them to help you be the hostest with the mostest heading into 2019. From what to drink to what to decorate with, we’ve got you covered. Reporter: Alyssa Brown

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Does It Pay to Hire Consultants? Evidence from the Bordeaux Wine Industry Wines, Alcohol, Glass Photography, Wine Bottle Photography, Wine Photography, Pouring Wine, Wine Art, Rim Light, Photo Drop

Consulting is pervasive in many industries, yet the use of consultants remains controversial. Why would firms give away key activities to hired guns? Why would these “mercenaries” perform these activities better than in-house employees? To evaluate the impact of hiring consultants and figure out when they might offer the most value, one study examined the Bordeaux wine industry, where over two-thirds of wineries hire consultants to improve the quality of their wines. Looking at 311 wineries…


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