Vitamin E

Unlock the power of Vitamin E and its numerous benefits for your overall health. From skin rejuvenation to antioxidant protection, explore top ideas to incorporate this essential nutrient into your daily routine.
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One of our goals as an all-natural skin care company is to use only the best ingredients in our products. We want them to be organic, vegan, clean, and most importantly, effective. One of these all-star ingredients we use is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful supplement that works wonders for not only your skin, but your hair and body as well. Keep reading to learn how to use Vitamin E to benefit your whole self. Vitamin E for Your Hair The never-ending list of benefits from Vitamin E…

Delysia Ekanayake
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ICYMI: At About Face Skin Care, we collectively are #HYUUUGE advocates of sun protection. Sunscreen, hats, parasols, SPF-50 clothing, shades, you name it — if it can keep the sun off our skin, we’re all about it. This is great as far as our skin goes; minimal UVA / UVB exposure greatly decreases the risk … Continued

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