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Explore a collection of unique vintage dog ideas that will delight any dog lover. From vintage dog accessories to retro-inspired dog grooming tips, discover how to bring a touch of nostalgia to your furry friend's life.
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Sorting through dusty manuscripts and volumes of mysterious books is how many of us imagine finding evidence in history. But our past is far more than a string of names and dates. It is about how people lived in the past and molded our society. It is about their hopes and dreams, their fears and disappointments, and what pushed them to make the decisions and inventions they did.

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Dear Friends, Thank you for coming back to visit this week. It has been a chilly week here, but generally nice sunny weather, so I am not complaining. I'm sharing a couple of vintage dog food ads featuring dachshunds with you. They directly relate to our theme today. My cousin Mary sent a note last week: Dear Abby, I would like to ask your advice about Charlie, my fur-baby nephew. He is overweight and his doctor said he must lose weight so he'll be able to walk instead of waddle. The problem…