Discover the benefits of unschooling and how it can help your child thrive. Explore innovative approaches to education and create a personalized learning journey.
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Back to.. Unschooling? Preparing For A Year of Unschooling

Hey fellow unschooling families! As we eagerly prepare for another enriching year of child-led learning, I can’t help but feel a rush of excitement and curiosity for the journey ahead. Unschooling …

Sarah Gunn
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Why We’re Relaxed Homeschoolers (and Not Unschoolers) | Sallie Borrink

Of everything that has happened to me as a parent, perhaps nothing has surprised me more than the fact that we ended up relaxed homeschoolers. Homeschooling was always on my radar. Relaxed homeschooling was not. I have a teaching degree. I was in a specialized program that focused on creating effective learning curriculum. How is

Marinka De'Ath