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Expand your vegetable garden with a variety of nutritious and delicious vegetables. Explore the different types of vegetables and start growing your own fresh produce today.
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Cabbage, a leafy green, has a long history first cultivated in Europe several hundred years ago. From being used in soups and curries, it has presently become a preferred health food due to its high nutrient value, used in every possible dish from salads to coleslaw, sandwiches to kimchi. A cup of cooked cabbage contains […]

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List of 45 Green Leafy Vegetables with Images

Leafy Greens are plant leaves that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable and are sometimes mixed with additional stems or stalks. Leafy greens include many items ranging from spinach to kale to mustard greens. They have a variety of nutritional benefits, along with tons of disease-fighting and prevention elements. There are many different types of green leafy vegetables all with their own unique benefits. #greens #leafyvegetables #greenvegetable

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20 Types of Greens to Spruce Up Your Meals | WebstaurantStore

Some leafy greens are very similar to each other and can be used interchangeably, and others have distinctly different flavor profiles. Learn the most popular types, what sets them apart, and when they are in season!