Types of orchids

Explore the world of orchids and discover the most beautiful and unique types. Find inspiration to bring these stunning flowers into your home or garden and add a touch of elegance to your surroundings.
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Orchid Care: How to Maintain Your Orchids Indoors

Learn more about how to select the right type of orchids, how to water them sufficiently and with appropriate frequency, how to fertilize them timely, and generally, how to better take care of your orchids indoor.

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47 Orchid Varieties: Different Types of Orchids (With Pictures)

Thinking of adding some orchids to your gardening space or home landscape? There are many different types of orchids, all of which have big, beautiful blooms. In this article, flower and garden expert Taylor Sievers examines 47 different orchid varieties with their names and pictures, to help you find the perfect bloom for your garden.

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10 Common Types of Orchids for Your Home and Garden

Embark on a fascinating exploration of various types of orchids suitable for both home and garden, offering essential insights and tips for gardeners. Discover the diverse array of orchid varieties to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with their exquisite beauty and elegance.