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Find the perfect outfit for your trip to Egypt with these stylish and comfortable outfit ideas. Explore the culture and beauty of Egypt while looking fashionable and feeling confident in your travel outfits.
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So you are thinking of going to Egypt? Egypt is a trip every person should make at least once in their lifetime! The history, the architecture, the culture. It is literally one of the ancient river valley civilizations. However, Egypt is not a country that you should just spontaneously travel to. I mean you can, but you will feel overwhelmed. There are many things that I wish I knew before arriving in Egypt in order to be more prepared and so I am creating this post so that YOU are much…

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Packing List for Egypt: Dress Code in Egypt for Tourists (Comprehensive) - Stylish Packing Lists Outfits, Destinations, Luxor, Wanderlust, Capsule Wardrobe, Dubai, Travel Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Wardrobe, What To Pack

This Egypt packing list is for women who plan to hit the most popular destinations in Egypt. A good rule of thumb for the dress code in Egypt for tourists is to cover your arms and legs, especially in mosques or more conservative areas. To beat the heat, stick to loose and light fabrics such as cotton, silk or rayon -- especially if traveling during the summer.

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