Time art

Discover the enchanting world of time art, where creativity meets functionality. Immerse yourself in captivating creations and conceptual designs that redefine the way we perceive time.
EjHernandez: Elements of Art and Principles Design Photo Art, Body Art, Ilustrasi, Dancer, Black And White, Fotografie, Beautiful, Arc, Black And White Photography

Line- Element of art is defined by a point moving in space. Also line may be two or three dimensional, flat, or even limited to height and width. Shape- Element of art that is two-dimensional, flat, or limited to height and width. Form- An element of art that is three-dimensional and encloses the volume; it includes height, width AND depth. Form may also be free flowing. Value- The lightness or the darkness of tones or colors. White is the lightest value and black is the darkest. The value…

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