Tatami Room

Create a serene and peaceful living space with these beautiful tatami room designs. Discover how to incorporate traditional Japanese elements into your home for a calming atmosphere.
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Serene and Practical: 40 Asian-Style Dining Rooms

The idea of Western design borrowing from oriental elements is nothing new. The inherent minimalism of Japanese design and timeless beauty of Chinese style and its unique flavor provide plenty of options for those looking eastward for some design inspiration. While the name ‘Asian style’ is far too broad, it often points to a style […]

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Can I Sleep on a Mattress on the Floor?

A tatami mat is a type of mat used in traditional Japanese rooms. They are made of straw and sometimes, wood. Tatami mats are often used as flooring, but they can also be used to sleep on.. If you put a mattress on the floor, using a tatami mat can make it more comfortable. The mat will help evenly distribute your body weight and provide a bit of cushioning.

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