Tactical training

Take your skills to the next level with tactical training courses. Discover top strategies and techniques to improve your performance in high-pressure situations. Start your training journey today.
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In the wake, of escalating violence across the country, my guest today, Tony Sentmanat shares with us how to improve your situational awareness, the firsts place to start when working on your self-defense, and how to get in more tactical training for threats and emergencies.

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What type of training is this?The workouts in this plan are designed to help you to get in optimal shape for combat and emergency scenarios.Without a doubt, people in these professions needs to be in top physical condition. They need to be strong, resilient and have amazing physical endurance.They need to be able to sustain grueling activities, but more importantly, they need to maintain a certain level of work capacity.Who is this workout for?We created these workouts for the guy or gal…

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