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Learn these genius survival hacks to be prepared for any situation. Discover practical tips and tricks that will help you navigate through unexpected challenges.
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11 Things That Will Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

In an emergency situation, even the most everyday items become extremely valuable. It’s very important to know what to do in such situations and how to use these things to save your life.Bright Side tells about 11 things you should know in a critical situation.

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55 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life [VIDEO]

Every prepper knows that no matter how you much they’ve done to prepare ahead, there’s no guarantee things will go according to plan. Supplies can run out quicker than expected, tools can break, or food can be stolen. Whatever happens, you must learn to adapt and improvise so you can live to fight another day. […]

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How to Barricade a Door

In an active shooter situation, your first priority is to run. If you can’t do that, the next best option is to hide, and to hide in a room with a locking door. Attackers are looking for easy targets, and will often bypass a locked door without trying to breach it. If the door of […]

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What to Do When Your Car Is Stranded In the Snow | The Art of Manliness Supraviețuire Camping, Nyttige Tips, Vacation Mexico, Vacation Florida, Survival Skills Life Hacks, Emergency Preparedness Kit, Survival Life Hacks, Bag Packing, Apocalypse Survival

What to Do When Your Car Is Stranded In the Snow

Winter is here, which means plenty of travel for the holidays and lots of adventures through snowy environments and mountain passes. Before you head out to more rural and remote areas this season, take some time to stock your vehicle with tire chains, a portable shovel, flashlight, lighter/matches, extra clothes, blankets, kitty litter (for traction), […]

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