Straw bubble painting

Explore the fun and unique technique of straw bubble painting. Get inspired by our top ideas to create colorful and textured masterpieces with this exciting art form.
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How to make bubble paintings - NurtureStore

Drinking straws at the ready, let’s try bubble painting! Bubble painting This really is an art activity where the process of creating the art is at least as much fun as the finished result. Every child I’ve done this with has loved blowing bubbles. Blow, don’t stuck! It is important that all the artists understand […]

Lauren Vloeberghs
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Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is so much fun! Both kids and adults will have a blast experimenting with this unique way of painting without a paintbrush. Turn your bubble art into monsters, flowers, or leave it as abstract art - it's so much fun to experiment with this technique! To make these colourful paintings, simply combine dish soap, water, and paint. Then use a straw to blow bubbles in the mixture and press the paper onto the bubbles. It's such an easy process, but it creates beautiful, unique…

Katie Riley