Stippling drawing animals

Explore stunning stippling drawings of animals and learn how to create intricate and realistic art using this unique technique. Discover top ideas to bring your animal drawings to life with stippling.
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Animals depicted using ink dots. María Lecanda as well as being a stippling artist, photographer & designer, is also a rescue diver. One of the things that we are able to do when revisiting artists work, is to show WIPs and then the completed piece in a following post. This is the case for "Sharks amongst fish". When I fist saw the WIP I was so impressed with the picture, I included the sharks even though it wasn't completed. The patience and dedication to the drawing, to draw all of those…

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Animals that are given a soft and fuzzy feel. Australian Artist Renee seems to be starting a collection of drawings on her social media page. Few, but lovely looking and holding the potential for a great, full art's page to come. Once again the stippling technique makes an appearance; but in this case it gives the animals a soft ethereal look, that only helps enhance their natural cuteness. Have a look and see what you think. I am actually writing this post on a Sunday, for me it's the…

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