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Starcraft 2: Ghost vs Spectre by ~Tabnir on deviantART Art, Sci Fi, Concept Art, Sci Fi Characters, Sci Fi Art, Rpg, Starcraft 2, Futuristic Art, Game Art

Description #100 It's been a while since I've done fanart. I usually don't do fanart because I'm not fanatical? Haha. My friend told me I should enter this one SC2 art competition. I was resistant at first, but he used the "you could use more practice" argument on me and it was super effective! I thought I'd test out my patience this time. Usually I slap down all my stuff in one sitting, but I took some time on this one, about 15 hours over 3 days. I think, quality-wise, this is a pretty big…

The Can .
Inspireert mij door verschillende kleuren tinten die er gebruikt zijn en de atmosfeer op de achtergrond. Fantasy Creatures, Dark Fantasy, Sci Fi, Dragons, Sci Fi Characters, Sci Fi Art, Starcraft 2, Fantasy Armor, League Of Legends

November Annabella "Nova" Terra (designation: Agent X41822N)[4] is a ghost who served the Terran Dominion. November "Nova" Terra was a member of the Terra family, one of the Terran Confederacy's rich and powerful "Old Families".[5][6] She is the youngest child of Bella and Constantino Terra, and had two siblings -- Clara and Zeb. The family lived in the Terra Skyscraper in Tarsonis City, Tarsonis. She possessed a degree of empathy that was generally lacking in the Old Families, a trait that…

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