Spiritual garden

Transform your outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary with a spiritual garden. Explore ideas to incorporate elements of mindfulness and tranquility into your garden for a truly harmonious retreat.

A candle illuminates a Khmer Buddha in a niche in my garden Ganesha peers from a moss encrusted niche in my garden Winter in the Pacific Northwest tends to be wet. It rains a lot, so I leave my lovely home for sunnier climes in the winter. While I am gone the moss grows, and when I come home, parts of my garden are covered in luxuriant green fur. Mosses absorb moisture and nutrients through their tiny leaves rather than through roots, and are able to colonize bare stone, which in turn…

Esteban Piedra
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By embracing Christian symbolism, followers of Christ could find solace in everyday experiences. Throughout the Bible, various kinds of flowers are referenced; their presence reminds us that faith is rooted even in something as beautiful

Tanya Grobbelaar
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Born in Switzerland, where he worked as a forest ranger, Thomas Schneider’s whimsical approach to the significant issues of the day results in a profusion of sculptures and statues, flowers and trees, animals and birds, and all critters — great and small. Words: Claire Finlayson Photos: Rachael McKenna There's a lavish horticultural hooley afoot on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The venue is an otherwise tranquil spot between Queenstown and Glenorchy called Wild Dream Garden. It’s a place…

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