Socks and sandals

Discover how to create trendy and fashionable looks by pairing socks with sandals. Find inspiration for unique and chic outfits that combine comfort and style.
Where will your Birkenstocks take you? Birkenstock, Fashion, Men, Guys, Women, Style, Zapatos, Faux, Moda

Since college, I have liberally enjoyed the comfort of my birkenstock sandals. I think I actually stole my first pair from my younger brother. They were used at the time and I believe he stole them from a beach friend so that's just gross to think about. My mother bought me another pair while I was in college. I was visiting her in the OBX and I brought my old, ragged pair with me to the birkenstock store. The merchant couldn't believe the antiques I walked in on and he actually asked if he…