Smithsonian museum

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture at the Smithsonian Museum. Discover captivating exhibits that showcase the wonders of art, science, and history.
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Ultimate Guide To Visiting The Smithsonian Tips

In this ultimate guide to visiting the smithsonian, I go over my top tips for visiting the Smithsonian as a former DC area local!

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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Virtual Tours

take a virtual tour of one of the world's best museums, The Smithsonian, through their online virtual tours. It's not only educational for the kids but a wonderful opportunity to explore the Museums enviable collection.

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A Guide to D.C.'s Smithsonian Museums - Quick Whit Travel

The Smithsonian. Why do I say "museum institution" and not just "museum"? Because, you may or may not know, the Smithsonian is not just one museum; there are 19 museums across the country. Eleven of these museums are in or near Washington, D.C., so if you're planning a trip to the Nation's Capital, your guide to our Smithsonians is here!

Alexis May