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Transform your sketches into animated masterpieces with these creative and innovative sketch animation ideas. Explore different techniques and tools to make your drawings come alive on screen.
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For my basic walk cycle i followed Penny's Blog and also used "Richard Williams- the Animator's Survival Guide' they were both very helpful and useful to my final walk cycle. I did the walk cycle about 4 times before getting it perfect. Here's one of my failed examples After this attempt i had 3 more goes at trying to get my walk looking normal so i payed closer attention to the richard williams book. And drew out rough sketches of what the poses, just because it helped me understand them…

Yang Xiao
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Idea #4: Man is running from an over-zealous female stalker. He turns his head to look over his shoulder, trips over a rock, falls flat on his face, gets back up and runs away. I particularly like this one. I referenced the run cycle from Richard Williams' The Animator's Survival Kit page 177. I added the head turn, the trip, the faceplant and getting back up. If I decide to do this one, I will have to record myself or someone else brave enough to attempt this action.

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I wanted to look back at my animation books for reference of how to create a run and walk cycle. I have been looking in The Illusion of Life, The Animator’s Survival Guide and Timing for Animation mostly as they are the clearest about the positions. I realise that these images are for traditional animation and that in Maya it is necessary to not make the poses as extreme as they will either break the rig or not look natural and this will ruin the suspension of disbelief in the characters. f…

Eric Royal

On ArtStation Learning, Vera Rehaag teaches the fundamentals of 2D Hand-Drawn Animation. The course covers theories behind frame by frame animation and basic principles for anyone to complete their first animated sequence. The course concludes with a couple of animation examples, where Vera demonstrates through practical sequences the principles she has covered. Watch Now Vera […]

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