Sharpie Tie Dye

Discover fun and easy techniques to create vibrant tie dye designs with Sharpie markers. Get inspired to create your own custom tie dye masterpieces with these unique ideas.
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So we all know how Pinterest-obsessed I am {sigh}. When I started seeing tutorials for using permanent markers to do your own tie dye designs, I thought it'd be amazing to try on a shirt for the Little One. The idea behind this craft is to use permanent markers to make a design on fabric {shirt, socks, scarf, pillow cover, etc, etc...} and then apply rubbing alcohol to the design to make the ink spread, bleed, and become a colorful tie dye design. This project will not allow for precise…

Juliet Young

If you’ve ever wondered how to dye shoes, we’ve got a great project for you that involves drawing on shoes with sharpies. In this DIY Sharpie tie dye shoes tutorial, we experimented with lots of designs so you can get some inspiration for your own sharpie shoes. We had so much fun making these shoes. …

Kim Sims

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