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What does the new year hold for you? Is it going to be your best yet? Are you going to be a better you or are you going to make it the year of same you but a loved you?As the new year is fast approaching we are faced with the pressure of new year's resolutions and being a 'better me' in all areas of life. Whether the pressure we face is to get better grades, to be fitter, to be more proactive or to be more social; we are bombarded with this idea that we have to be so much more than we…

Yolanda Triplett
Sometimes God has to shake your foundations to set you free. #DailyHope Rick Warren, Worship Jesus, Simple Prayers, Unique Quotes, Just Pray, Scripture Pictures, Daily Encouragement, God Prayer, Set You Free

Sometimes we need God to shake up our lives. It’s particularly true when we find ourselves locked up in prisons of our own making, like a habit we can’t escape or a dead-end relationship that’s … Continue reading God Shakes Up Our Lives to Set Us Free

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