School speech therapy

Discover effective speech therapy techniques to help students improve their communication skills in a school setting. Enhance student success and confidence with our top ideas for school speech therapy.
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Therapy Skills Checklist

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How To Correct a Lisp in Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists treating speech sound disorders will no doubt want some tips and ideas for correcting a lisp in speech therapy. Many different speech errors are addressed in articulation therapy, and correct production of s and z requires some skill and hard work to accomplish. While your coworkers and the internet may offer good advice,

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50 Fun and Easy Articulation Activities for Speech Therapy

Articulation cards are a staple in Speech Therapy rooms. Articulation Flash Cards can be used in so many ways with preschoolers and elementary students... buuuttt sometimes they can get boring and repetitive. Check out these articulation card ideas to bring some new and exciting speech therapy activities into your therapy room! You can use these ideas in group therapy or in one-on-one sessions or even send them home for easy articulation homework ideas! • WHAT’S THERE?: Place 5 cards around…

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Year Round Theme Ideas for Speech Therapy

Using themes in speech therapy to minimize prep time target expressive language, receptive language, articulation and more. Perfect for preschool speech language therapy and school aged speech therapy sessions,

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Speech Therapy Games

It's no secret that we play a lot of games in speech therapy. Games offer great opportunities for using language and they make practicing skills that may be hard for students to do more fun. I have put together a list of my most played games in therapy. Sometimes we play them to increase overall language or social skills while other times we play to target a specific skill. I have also created some open-ended templates to use with the games to help us stay on track with practicing our goals…

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Ways To Use Photo Storage Boxes In Speech Therapy - Sweet Southern Speech

Easy ideas to organize all your speech therapy materials in 4x6 phto storage boxes. Tricks and solutions for articulation, mini objects and more!

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