San gennaro

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of San Gennaro festival with these delectable food ideas. Explore a variety of traditional Italian dishes and satisfy your cravings today.
In 1713 jeweler/artisan Matteo Treglia designed & created this mitre for the bishop of the San Gennaro cathedral in Naples, Italy. Made of gold, heavily embossed with scrolling vines, and decorated with dozens of rubies and emeralds, when worn there would be no chance of misunderstanding who held the reins of power. Tumblr, Bishop Mitre, Cultural Aesthetic, Catholic Vestments, Ecclesiastical Vestments, Sphere Of Influence, San Gennaro, Roman Church, Judging People

I just finished reading "The Just City" by Jo Walton, and I would very much recommend it. Now why, might you ask, would a story about someone realizing Plato's ideal of a city state, relate to the Attire language? Because we deal both justly, and unjustly, in how we attire ourselves. How we choose to present ourselves to the world is predicated largely on how our culture imagines we should be. Regardless of how individual we claim ourselves, we are informed and affected by the culture of…

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St. Januarius Martyr, Bishop of Beneventum. St. Januarius is believed to have suffered in the persecution of Diocletian, c. 305. With regard to the history of his life and martyrdom, we know next to nothing. The various collections of “Acts”, though numerous (cf. Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina, n. 4115-4140), are all extremely late and untrustworthy. Bede […]