Salt and water

Explore innovative ways to utilize the combination of salt and water in your daily routine. Discover practical tips and tricks to make the most out of these common household ingredients.
Weed Eliminator:  Break that unwanted dandelion or thistle off at the ground and pour one tablespoon of table salt on the exposed root. Don't cover with soil.  You will not have a that weed return. Home Remedies, Smoothies, Vinegar, Natural Cleaning Products, Bug Bites, Insect Bites, Cleaners Homemade, Hard Water Stain Remover, Hard Water Stains

Everyone knows that salt is the best. If you eat food, I’m assuming that you have some sort of salt in your kitchen. Good for you! Salt is easily the most ubiquitous and versatile ingredient in the universe, since it’s used for everything from curing and pickling to flavoring sauces and dressing up a cocktail…

Debra Jennings
How Witches Deal With Negativity — The Hoodwitch Negative Energy Cleanse, Let It Burn, Spiritual Cleansing, Inner Demons, Psychic Protection, Energy Cleanse, Negative Energy, Positive Thinking, Energy

Written By Michael Cardenas Gossip, envy, jealousy, ill intentions, and hatred all come from a place of fear and deep insecurity. People project these inner demons onto us when they become triggered by seeing someone do what they want to be doing. The only remedy to that is for them t

Alexandra Rigaud