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On the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the US Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs Wade ruling saving the lives of millions of babies from abortion.

Ana María
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How Icons Are Born in the Icon-painting Studio of St. Elisabeth Convent. Find out about it in our monastery blog. We have been writing about Christianity, church history, church products and crafts, the lives of the great ascetics, etc.

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Therefore He is also to be worshipped as the Judge who shall judge the living and the dead. He who will come again is to be adored as the Creator and Redeemer and Judge of all mankind. And He sits there in all the royalties of His Father's Kingdom. 'All power in heaven and on earth is given unto Me;' and He is adored there both as God and man in the glory of the Ever-blessed Trinity. And as He is to be adored with divine worship at the right hand of the Father, so He is to be adored upon the…