Russian architecture

Explore the rich history and stunning designs of Russian architecture. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, uncover the architectural wonders of Russia and be inspired to plan your next adventure.
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There have been countless architectural gems built over centuries that people have had the chance to admire. Everything from authentic houses of worship to spectacular bridges, stations, and entire old towns, among other structures, have been a mesmerizing sight for their eyes at some point throughout history. Unfortunately, quite a few buildings like these weren’t able to stand the test of time and can now only be admired in photographs.

The Tragedy of Russia's Abandoned Wooden Churches | MYSTAGOGY RESOURCE CENTER Wooden Churches, Abandoned Churches, Country Churches, Abandoned Church, Old Country Churches, Wooden Architecture, Russian Architecture, Old Churches, Country Church

Alexander Mozhayev March 30, 2012 Open Democracy Russia’s wooden architecture, especially its churches, was hardly a priority during Soviet times and now many of the unique old buildings are very close to total ruin. A new book documents the tragedy in some of the most inaccessible parts of Russia’s north. The numbers are daunting, but a tiny ray of hope has appeared on the horizon, which could rescue one or two of the near-ruins, says Alexander Mozhayev. Richard Davies is a professional…

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