Root barrier

Prevent root damage in your garden with effective root barrier solutions. Discover how to protect your plants and maintain a healthy garden with our top ideas.
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3 Ways to Control the Spread of Bamboo

If you want to protect other plants on your property from encroaching bamboo, or want to keep bamboo from invading your neighbor's yard, it's important that you control where it spreads. Bamboo has thick underground roots called rhizomes,...

Andrea Whatman
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Protecting A Concrete Slab Foundation with Root Barriers – Repair My Foundation-A Homeowner's Look at the Options

When I had my foundation inspected, one of the recommendations from the engineer was to install a root barrier. The purpose of root barriers is to stop the roots of nearby trees from getting under the concrete slab, removing moisture, thus causing the foundation to settle. This typically happens in regions where homes are built …

Nicole Daugherty