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Immerse yourself in the world of robot concept art and discover captivating designs that envision the future. Get inspired by top ideas and bring a touch of sci-fi to your creative projects.
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Robot Concept - Hard surface study, Stefano Nicolis

I did this model mostly beacause I wanted to do some exercise about hard surface in maya. During the making of this project I learned a lot about hard surface, edge flow, uving hard surface, and the basics of mari. The model was entirely made in maya using the image reference, then quickly rendered in vray 3, also made a basic composite in Nukex. The model isnt 100% equal to the reference because in some area like the wrist, I couldt understand how that part was made, so I had to become an…

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Pin on Cute cats

Description This Chimereon was obtained through Moderator Customs. Designed by: ground-lion Created On: 10/03/2019 Base Value: $1200 Current Owner: Moyagi Owner Log: LYieeee Subspecies: Unknown Tri-horn | Standard Spectrum Smooth Nose Horn Multicolored Horns Magic Manifestation (Hologram, Glitching) Bioluminescence Morphing Body Parts (arms can transform into weapons) Metal Body Parts Previous/Original Design: Please note that when redesigning a Chimereon, use the original design…

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The Tie Fighter, Jake Parker

Here’s my Star Wars story pitch: The Empire has fallen, lawlessness spreads across the galaxy as the New Republic struggles to maintain order. On a neglected planet, a former Scout Trooper has taken it upon himself to free his home world from a crime syndicate that threatens to control the entire planet. He is: The TIE FIGHTER. ▫️ This print is available for a very limited time through @artdropclub. You have until April 30th to join Art Drop Club in order to get this print along with a…

Ayaal Ivanov