Recycled garden hose

Transform your old garden hoses into functional and decorative items with these creative ideas. Discover how to give new life to your recycled garden hoses and add a unique touch to your outdoor space.
Before throwing away an old leaky garden hose, recycle it. Try these six creative and useful ways to reuse your garden hose. #gardeningchannel #diygardenprojects #diygarden #gardenhose Recycling, Gardening, Upcycling, Recycled Garden Hose, Upcycle Garden, Garden Hose, Ways To Recycle, Garden Hoses, Garden Tools Diy

It happens more often than you’d like: your garden hose simply no longer does the job. Perhaps it leaks at its fittings, springs a tiny hole (or ten), or is too kink-prone to be of good service anymore. There are repair options available, but when your hose is hosed, it’s time to recycle—or repurpose. Before […]

Margo Swanson