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33-Year-Old Reveals Just How Misleading 'Perfect' Instagram Photos Can Be, Shows How Lighting And Posing Affects Them Fit Motivation, Normal Body, Body Positive Fashion, Body Confidence, Body Positivity Photography, Instagram Models, Body Positivity, Loving Your Body, Fitness Motivation

We know social media is a highlight reel. That it's glamour. That it's perfection.We know it's people showing their best sides, their happy moments, their proud bits.But that's not human.Humans have vulnerabilities and softness and fears and hopes and fragility and CELLULITE and minds that have good days and bad days and ALL OF IT, humans have ALL OF IT.That's human.So let's change the conversation. Especially RIGHT NOW when everything is so unpredictable and scary.Let's dare to make this…

Bored Panda
19 Famous Women Who Decided to Age Naturally, and Now They Look Better Than Ever

The findings of a recent study shed light on the fascinating relationship between cosmetic surgery, self-esteem, and the aging process among women. This study, which examined the impact of cosmetic surgery avoidance on self-esteem as women age, revealed intriguing insights into how societal pressures and personal choices intersect with perceptions of beauty and confidence.According to the study’s results, women who choose to forgo cosmetic surgery experience a notable increase in self-esteem…

Joanne Padgitt
People Are Sharing Their Photographs Over The Age Of 40 Showing That Aging Is Not So Scary (84 Pics) People, Middle Aged Women, How To Look Better, Women 40 Years Old, 35 Year Old Woman, Some People, 43 Year Old Woman, Old Girl, Pretty Selfies

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see people who look far younger than their real age. While some people believe that it’s all downhill after you hit 40, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Life really just starts then, as Twitter user Renatanover showed her followers.

Tiffany Clark