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Enhance your reading experience with these must-have resources. Find recommendations, book lists, and helpful tools to take your reading to the next level.
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The Best Reading Manipulatives For Every Classroom - 15 of the best reading manipulatives for your classroom. These manipulatives for reading help reinforce literacy skills and make learning fun.

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Adding some fun games for reading in the classroom schedule will instantly get your kids excited to read! These 5 fun reading games are...

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Learn how to teach reading skills to struggling readers! Find help here to teach a struggling reader. First grader not reading? Or any age not reading? Know how to help your child read at home & work on building fluency in struggling readers.

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Okay teacher friend. It’s finally here. And I’m so excited! I’ve had this resource collecting dust on my computer for years now. I’ve been using this strategy in my classroom for the last few years, but haven’t had the energy or time (teacher life + mom life is exhausting, am I right?) to put it all together so that it’s ready to go for busy teachers like you! Well, it’s finally finished and I finally get to unveil it to you! Did you know I have a FREE downloadable reading response menu…

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How do you develop Kindergarten reading comprehension? Here are some tips and a look at these purposeful Kindergarten response worksheets.

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