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A drawing of Gutenberg's finished printing press. Type Expression, Gutenberg Press, Reluctant Dragon, Gutenberg Bible, Letterpress Machine, Matthew Carter, Reformation Day, Cultural Revolution, Johannes Gutenberg

The printing press is one of the most wonderful inventions that ever graced this earth. It helped to bring us all these wonderful books we can't get enough of. Here's what you need to know about this incredible invention that changed the world for the better.

Stephanie Linton
Gold Sets For Rally As Bernanke Fed And ECB Rev Up The Printing Press Gutenberg Press, Johannes Gutenberg, Victorian Illustration, Victorian Pictures, Creating Artwork, Eco Printing, Printing Press, Monoprint, Letterpress Printing

Gold has disappointed many in 2012, but the yellow metal could be ripe for a comeback, as the prospects of monetary easing in the U.S and Europe increase substantially; the latest Fed minutes and the crisis in Europe suggest QE, or some other move, is near.