Princess dress medieval

Get ready to feel like royalty with our collection of elegant princess dresses. Explore our top ideas for creating a medieval inspired look that will make you the center of attention at any event.
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600 Years of Antique and Vintage Wedding Gowns: 1300s to 1900s

Have you ever wondered what the bridal wear of ancient times was like? Did wedding gowns come formal, informal, or both? How far back have bridal attires created specifically for nuptials been in existence, and are some of today’s styles throwbacks?

Debby Fletcher
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The Story of Ericka Gilbert - Chapter 9

Ericka Gilbert is the ultra quiet twin sister of Elena Gilbert. She can do so much but has very little confidence in doing so. Jeremy is her favorite sibling so she will do anything to protect him. She has always felt like an outcast so she tends to befriend those that she sees are like herself. Ericka is as different from Elena as she can possibly get. Ericka is special as like her sister she is a doppelganger of a sort. Only difference between what Ericka is and what Elena is, is that…

Carlien Eksteen