Preparing for marriage

Get ready for your journey as a couple with these essential tips for preparing for marriage. Discover valuable advice and resources to help you build a strong foundation for a lifetime of love and happiness together.
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Marriage is a sacred union established by God, and as a Christian woman, it is essential to prepare for this lifelong commitment with a foundation rooted in faith and biblical principles. The journey towards marriage involves self-discovery, spiritual growth, and aligning your heart with God's design for love and partnership. Let us explore how to prepare for marriage as a Christian woman, drawing wisdom from the Scriptures. Plus, I have a FREE 'Dear Future Husband Prayer Template' to…

5 Habits I Formed When I Was Single That Prepared Me to be a Wife - Phylicia Masonheimer Marriage Advice, Godly Woman, Relationship Tips, Godly Wife, Strong Relationship, Before Marriage, Preparing For Marriage, Marriage Tips, Dating

Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be married. There's a picture of me at six years old, sitting on my mom's cedar chest with a napkin on my head, in a white dress, holding a bouquet of fake flowers in two chubby hands. I always wanted to be a bride! But since most women marry in their mid- to late twenties, and I had plenty of time on my hands. After an epiphany at age 21, I realized I wanted to be married - but was woefully unprepared. I commissioned myself to develop habits that…

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