Polymer clay ring

Explore a collection of unique polymer clay rings that are handcrafted to perfection. Find the perfect ring that matches your style and adds a touch of creativity to your everyday look.
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Sorry this is late posting today. Apparently the postal service of another country, that shall remain nameless, has delivered a package of my jewelry to the wrong address. I've spent the morning sorting out the mess. Onto more interesting things...I stumbled upon this low tech, minimal tool way to size polymer rings. I've seen it suggested that you form a ring around some sort of tube like a piece copper pipe or some other bit of hardware. Problem is, this limits the size to whatever tubes…

Genevieve Williamson
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Hey, y'all! As promised last week, today I'm sharing another polymer clay jewelry tutorial with you. Last week when I was playing with my clay, I ended up mixing some colors and creating a fun marbled clay that I used with some molds to create a pretty statement ring. I'm calling it my Marbled Clay Statement Ring. To create your own ring, you'll need the following supplies: Polymer Clay (several different shades) Clay Mold (I used a Mod Melt Mold) Clay Knife Clay Glaze Paint Brush Super Glue…

Fe Anderson