Pointalism art

Explore the mesmerizing world of Pointillism art and discover top ideas to create stunning masterpieces using tiny dots of color. Unleash your creativity and make your own Pointillism artwork today!
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Working on Pointillism is code for, you better be patient, and patient my artist were. We began our project by watching a video on YouTube about Seahorses Next we discussed French Chemist Michel Chevreul, focusing on his study of color interaction leading to his discovery of Simultaneous Contrast. When placed side by side, these colors can appear altered especially at a distance. Complementary colors are intensified when next to each other or when overlapped. Below are a couple of sources…

Brenda Yant
Dancing Jellyfish Dotted Animals That I Created From Hundreds Of Dots Art Lessons, Painting & Drawing, Canvas Art, Dot Painting, Dot Art Painting, Dots Art, Colorful Paintings, Watercolor Animals, Drawings

I always found it strange that artists create very beautiful but complicated pictures, like hyperrealism, to show something, that people can easily see themselves. So I just tried to create paintings reflecting the character of different animals using a very simple technique. For me, it's not important, how art is made, but the most valuable thing is what people feel when they look at the painting.

Deb Saladin