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Add a touch of creativity to your home decor with these unique plywood art ideas. Discover how to transform simple plywood into stunning art pieces that will enhance the style of your space.

Woodworker Keith Williams of Oddball Gallery in Minier, Illinois creates geodesic spheres that balance math and art. Each sculptural form is created from 170 wood triangles that are then hand-assembled into 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Next these shapes are glued together into an angular 180-sided ball that is placed onto a lathe and transformed into a completely smooth sphere. As Williams removes approximately 1/4″ of wood, natural rings from the plywood are brought to the surface…

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Plywood Power Carved Wall Art: I have always enjoyed working on wood projects but had never tried power carving. I had recently seen a few examples of some extremely interesting results and wanted to try it myself. The plywood contest was the perfect push to get me to take the le…

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Revealing the layers in a sheet of Birch plywood by carving, Ripples is about surfacing fluid dynamics. The organic form was inspired by a heavy summer southern rain on calm water. Dynamic from every angle, "Ripples" brings a poetic motion to a basic building material. With a natural finish, Ripples is great - Ripple on Ply

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The guys over at the Modern Maker Podcast (Ben Uyeda from Home-Made Modern, Mike Montgomery from ModernBuilds, and Chris Salomone from Four Eyes Furniture) set out a challenge for people to build something using only one sheet of plywood. Plywood edges often get covered up with edge banding or ven

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Chevron Pattern Plywood Corner Desk (motorized): Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. A beautiful table top made of 3/4-in baltic birch plywood and mounted on an adjustable motorized corner desk frame. The end grain and top finish makes…