Play dough face mats free printable

Get ready for hours of imaginative play with these creative and fun play dough face mats. Download the free printable and let your child's creativity run wild as they create endless facial expressions.
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Playdough Faces - Self Portrait Art for Kids with Playdough Mats

Printable playdough mats are the perfect way to help inspire creativity with very little guidance. We have created 5 PRINTABLE playdough mats for parents.

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Playdough Face Mats Free Printable

Get your FREE printable playdough face mats and start helping your child learn about different emotions in a fun and engaging way...

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Multicultural faces printables play dough play mats - NurtureStore

These free multicultural faces printables are great for an ‘all about me’ topic, a Black History Month activity or if you are exploring ideas about identity and diversity. Print the play dough mats and learn through play! Multicultural faces printables play dough play mats These multi-cultural faces printables provide a simple, blank person shape which […]

Morgan Anthony
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Printable Face Play Dough Mats – The Pinterested Parent

I have a play dough obsessed child. She loves all things play dough. Last year her birthday party was even, you guessed it, play dough themed. We have tried many different play dough activities, but we have not really ever worked with play dough mats. Since my daughter loves making people, I thought that face […]

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