Plante monstera

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with the stunning Monstera plant. Discover top ideas to style and care for your Monstera plant, and create a green oasis in your living space.
The Houseplant Lover’s Guide to Monstera Deliciosa: Tips, Tricks & Care | Apartment Therapy Planting Flowers, Plants, Plant Care, Plant Life, Hydroponic Gardening, Fertilizer For Plants, Plant Leaves, Indoor Plant Care, Monstera Deliciosa

While some houseplants simply add a boost of greenery to your place, others are inherently stylish in their own right and serve a decorative purpose, equally as important as any Eames chair or pendant lamp. One of those ultra pretty plants that’ll instantly enliven any space (and is very easy to care for!) is the monstera deliciosa plant—aka the Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron.

Candice Smith