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Discover the ultimate plant guide that covers everything you need to know about caring for plants. From beginner tips to expert advice, explore top plant ideas and create your own green oasis.
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So you want to have a beautiful yard filled with plants that will add character, but you have no sun because your entire yard is covered with trees? Do you have a back covered patio that’s in need of some refreshing and updating? Well, we at Garden Valley Farmers Market, have got you covered with o

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Infographics We are constantly finding new ways to educate, inspire, and engage with YOU! Take a look at our amazing step-by-step guides to plant care and education! Hydrangea Care Download here! { "__shgImageV2Elements": { "uuid": "s-faa3baaf-ad6b-47a3-96d1-9dd7cad241dd" } } Planting Potatoes and Onions Download here! { "__shgImageV2Elements": { "uuid": "s-b03571af-430c-49ef-86da-920f36016cc7" } } Seed Starting Basics Download here! { "__shgImageV2Elements": { "uuid"…