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Transform your room into a harmonious sanctuary with these creative piano room ideas. Discover how to optimize your space for practice, performance, and relaxation.
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88 Key Full-Weighted Digital Piano - The 88 key heavy hammer action keyboard simulates the acoustic piano, accurately captures the strength of your fingers and gives you a grand piano touch. It’s a good electronic piano to replace the grand piano for teaching or learning. Powerful Sound Source - The Advanced French DREAM sound source is adopted, bringing you a realistic auditory experience. 128 max polyphony and the triple pedal will help you express your feelings better. 2 Stereo Surround…

Tei Mashabane
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Victorian-style interiors are full of character and charm. We all have the image in our heads of Victorian Britain, don’t we? Small children being used as chimney sweeps, soot and coal deposits layered on top of each and every surface, scandals and marvels being uncovered at break-neck speeds… What interests most about the Victorians are....[Continue Reading]

Fernanda Assis Ferreira