Explore a variety of delectable persimmon recipes that are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. Try these recipes today and indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of persimmon.
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Two different groups of persimmon are grown in Australia. The squat, flat-topped type is called a sweet persimmon. It can be eaten firm and crisp like an apple or allowed to ripen and soften. Ripening increases the sweetness and results in a texture like an overripe plum. The other version is called the original persimmon. It's a bigger, heart-shaped fruit, best when ripened completely, so the flesh is almost jelly-like. The flavour is intense and sweet. If eaten unripe, this persimmon is…

儷玲 王
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Move over Punxsutawney Phil. Missouri has its own way to predict the weather. Folklore holds that the shape of the seedling inside a persimmon seed can predict upcoming winter conditions. University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist Patrick Byers says there’s no research that backs up the folklore. But that didn’t stop him […]

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Hoshigaki, or dried persimmons as we know them in English, are a popular seasonal Japanese snack food made primarily during the autumn months when you can spot persimmon trees laden with their brightly colored orange fruits throughout the country and in supermarkets. Originally from China, persimmons, known as kaki in Japanese, are commonly found in Japan and Korea and make for a sweet, natural snack in their dried form. In Japan, hoshigaki are said to bring good luck and are often eaten on…