Parenting hacks toddlers

Discover genius parenting hacks that will make your life easier when dealing with toddlers. Learn effective strategies to manage tantrums, promote healthy habits, and create a harmonious home environment.
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How Strong-willed Kids Need Less Push Back and More Grace- Word From The Bird

Strong willed children are wonderful--they're just often misunderstood. Find out the one thing they need the most, and how it could change your parenting strategy forever.

Jessica Steege
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How To Get Your Toddler To Listen Without Yelling - Raising Biracial Babies

Probably one of the hardest parts about parenting is how to get your toddler to listen! Getting them to do what you ask them to do is freakin’ maddening! You try so hard to be patient and you end up repeating yourself over...and over...and over… then you get frustrated and you end up yelling because

Ann Tomko
7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For Gentle Parenting, Co-parenting, Better Mom, Confidence Kids, Smart Parenting, Mentally Strong, Parenting 101, Kids Discover, Parenting Skills

7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

Anna Bykova is a lazy mom. And she isn’t ashamed to admit that. Moreover, the psychologist and the author of several best-selling books is even proud of this “title” as she believes that it gives her children an opportunity to become more independent. However, by laziness, Anna doesn’t mean lying on the sofa all day long, but a desire to not do everything herself. For example, sometimes it’s better to be “lazy” and let a 7-year-old do the dishes to improve their fine motor skills. And it’s…

Jan Sublett